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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Jan 09, 2015)
lol crazy
(Jan 09, 2015)
if that doesn't prove that monk is broken I don't know what does
(Jan 09, 2015)
Look at the amount of monks there
(Jan 08, 2015)
gj on 5/7H guys
(Jan 08, 2015)
sorry guys, I will be an hour late. have some stuff on at the moment
(Jan 08, 2015)
please read my thread on an issue with our raiding environment ASAP guys. just absorb what i've said (no need to discuss/debate)
(Jan 08, 2015)
princess!! nah cya tomorrow for some heroic progression (or normal imp)
(Jan 07, 2015)
won't be on tonight first day back to work + jet lag = fucking tired. see you guys tomorrow im heading to bed
(Jan 06, 2015)
barrage damage taken on our tectus kill for those struggling with mechanics:
(Jan 06, 2015)
For all the people struggling with mechanics :)
(Jan 05, 2015)
guys if my mumble payment gets knocked back tonight can someone else be ready to set us up a 25m server? cashflow problems! (5 kids will do that lol)
(Jan 01, 2015)
our team last week was a 15 man team with blmorph, veteris, hydra, touche, bruiser, windfurios, beastly and a few others absent who should return soon boosting our team back up above 20 soon (be ready!)
(Dec 31, 2014)
(Dec 31, 2014)
Guys i will no make raid as well, family and friends have last minute plans to celebrate new years so i'll be seeing you guys tomorrow! Good luck!
(Dec 31, 2014)
hey guys, i will not make the raid tonight going to be doing stuff for afternoon tea, best of luck if you guys do raid and Happy new year
(Dec 24, 2014)
Raid called, have a great x-mas and a safe one see you all soon.... no raid Thursday
(Dec 23, 2014)
gg on bytcher and twins to 3% last night. casual on wed, thurs off for Xmas and return on monday for more bosses/ H
(Dec 22, 2014)
guys, sorry i might not make it to raid tonite. Got family stuff going on atm. I'll try to finish as soon as I can
(Dec 18, 2014)
guys plz read my post on raiding atmosphere. things have improved but we still need to iron out a few problems....