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vorpal / Sep 18, 2014
Going back to 10m seems to have been a success last night and all of the officers were encouraged that a second team also managed to get up and running. It was great to see people moving forward in a positive way and looking towards WoD for our ultimate goal of 20m Mythic progression.

There is still holes in both teams and we will need to actively recruit those specific classes desires to make both teams work effectively without pugging. If the guys from Group2 can let us know what classes they need, we can make a combined recruitment message. Group1 needs either a geared, reliable DK tank or BM monk but otherwise is a good looking team.

Depending on how hard we push for progress, It may be an option to use our monday raid to extend and down Garrosh, then follow it up with a Flexi achievement run or Challenge modes in subsequent weeks. Therefore we need someone to hold a lockout for us on paragons/seigecrafter.

The rewards for Challenge modes and Transmog sets will be gone in as soon as 3 weeks so i think we should prioritise this and get everyone their Gold run sets. This may suit the people not geared for heroic more as it is based on skill not gear. Considering their increased importance in WoD for gear, CM runs will be very useful to persue.

Again, everyone was proud of the efforts of you all last night. Hope we can keep it up and kick ass in WoD :)

As usual, feel free to comment below!
vorpal / Sep 11, 2014
The attendance last night was shocking. we had 0 tanks online and only 2 healers, only 4 players near 580 ilvl and only 1 out of the top 12 geared people in the guild online on time. This makes it impossible to run any kind of heroic raid. I don't think we should turn into a normal alt gearing guild, but we also don't have enough people or motivation for either 25m Heroic or normal.

Our only option here is to put an official end to 25m and either take a break till WoD or form a 10m heroic team.

Given the lack of participation and interest last night, I'll be putting a new thread up to take signups for a 10m heroic team today. If we get enough interest then we will proceed with 10m Heroic and anyone who misses out can form a second team which may start in normal.

If this fails then I will propose that we try to set up some' fun' events such as old raids, guild achieves and mount runs as well as CM teams. For the fun events i'll be looking to promote someone to a new rank to organise them. You need to be entertaining and extremely good looking so PM if you fit this criteria because we can start these events regardless.

Sorry to everyone who just joined who may miss out. I don't want to waste your time, but if you are 570+ you may express your interest for heroic 10m, or else signup for interest in a second team which would initially start out in normal and build from there.

Regards, vorp

vorpal / Sep 09, 2014
Hey all, well we are well ant truly in the silly season now in terms of pre-Expansion moves and crazyness. Many will no doubt be wondering (amongst legitimate reasons for not raiding) why we are bothering to try and form a team at all right now considering our items will be replaced with greens in 2 months?...

The answer is that we are not raiding for loot. Its about preparation and rebuilding so that we can approach WoD as a guild so that we can form an early raiding team that actually does well. If we call it quits here, then the guild will not do as well when WoD hits.

First of all, we have a LOT of good raiders left in the guild. Our average item level for the first 25 is 581 according to wowprogress. If we are unable to raid and kill heroic bosses it would normally be an embarrasment with the gear we have. On paper there should be no reason why we cannot down bosses and progress. The problem is that for various reasons, VERY few of our best geared people are actually raiding and even those listed below as core raiders mostly do NOT have 100% attendance... so we are trying heroic with people who would struggle to down normal bosses (both gear and performance wise to be blunt)

You guys have to ask the question if yourselves. Do you want to continue? How we go on Wednesday will detirmine this. If everyone shows up and our new recruits work out, then we will be downing heroic bosses and be looking more healthy.

Let me list our best geared players with a note next to each so that you can understand what the truth is here:

8 Geminikanou 2531.26 585.56 414074.9 *not raiding
9 Mellystra (u) 5876.05 584.60 284901.3 *new
3 Röku 2531.26 584.06 303893.3 *casual
4 Reuburn 2750.00 584.00 445591.0 *casual
9 Sakosm 2500.00 583.73 381000.5 *new
0 Vorpål (u) 2531.26 583.44 **core raider**
9 Bruiserlee 2511.85 583.44 300222.0 **core raider**
8 Sinthori 2293.73 582.60 423875.9 *not raiding
4 Kyoshirou 2531.26 581.88 446817.2 **core raider**
3 Aulë 2531.26 581.38 239920.4 *casual
2 Healingap 2281.26 581.13 259381.4 **core raider**
4 Tle 2500.00 581.07 398092.3 *not raiding?
4 Drulvurg 2531.26 581.00 436486.5 **core raider**
Kelsaki 4845.49 580.81 331583.6 *not raiding?
3 Onnug 2511.85 580.56 396029.2 **core raider**
4 Shimmypowa 6163.96 580.44 363999.3 *new
5 Pangeran 2511.85 580.31 411562.9 *casual
8 Vaihalla 2531.26 579.75 372338.4 *not raiding
5 Cabalos 2500.00 579.53 413260.8 *casual
9 Winddfurious 2014.82 579.06 409392.6 *new
3 Tôuche 2500.00 579.00 32839.8 **core raider**
4 Elesthiel 2500.00 577.94 419411.8 **core raider**
4 Amoneheal 2261.85 577.50 328753.9 *casual
4 Tatakae 2750.00 574.94 376516.6 **core raider**
8 Dallanas 2000.00 574.93 281130.7 *casual
5 Squintworth 2250.00 574.00 339883.1 **core raider**
7 Crittfiend 750.00 573.60 93233.9 *new
8 Dahliaßlack 2000.00 573.31 356034.7 *not raiding?
8 Maynn 1531.26 572.40 364729.8 *not raiding?
8 Daimos 1500.00 571.88 364345.4 *not raiding?
8 Alèx 1500.00 571.40 339213.9 *not raiding?
5 Stëffie 2500.00 571.38 224956.0 **core raider**
8 Temperies 2000.00 570.80 366745.0 *not raiding?
9 Decitmate 80.00 569.73 245022.4 *new
5 Øph 2500.00 569.69 332277.7 **core raider**
5 Pandemunium 2000.00 569.25 375420.1 *not raiding?
8 Evilicecream 1531.26 568.94 289436.9 *not raiding?
7 Longhiptnvn 1000.00 568.20 306632.5 *new,casual
8 Dafunk 781.26 567.88 326090.2 *not raiding?
8 Millzzy 117.73 566.40 288198.5 *not raiding?
7 Duckydk 500.00 565.93 218388.3 *new, casual
8 Rezinator 1750.00 565.73 290125.5 *not raiding?
8 Jjwarrior 145.02 565.06 323328.2 *not raiding?
8 Palekiaze 955.80 564.53 *not raiding?
5 Bamsz 2000.00 563.87 *new
8 Chrisye 45.00 563.67 258750.8 *not raiding?
8 Cebuanno 904.02 562.87 337882.4 *not raiding?
8 Hydrâ 500.00 562.73 321892.0 *not raiding?
8 Desporados 781.26 562.73 198126.1 *not raiding?
8 Jjshaman 132.76 562.69 299377.4 *not raiding?
9 Rikogear 339.68 562.50 186876.0 *not raiding?
9 Mustang 60.00 561.50 192331.2 *new
9 Illusìons 250.00 561.33 315229.2 *new
8 Dicapio 65.40 560.47 254112.2 *not raiding?
8 Shibodira 167.69 560.19 309745.1 *not raiding?
8 Kïrïtö 119.94 559.67 295106.7 *not raiding?
8 Alexcier 140.41 559.07 258280.8 *not raiding?
8 Sheldorc 112.35 559.07 258573.9 *not raiding?
7 Picklecat 1250.00 559.00 266678.4 *new
8 Ráiny 104.68 558.73 288813.3 *not raiding?
8 Antihero 117.28 558.47 175500.8 *not raiding?
5 Báckstabbath 2000.00 558.38 156263.1 *new
8 Nagasetan 55.00 557.20 259435.7 *not raiding?
8 Gashiz 124.09 556.27 *not raiding?
8 Prøfessor 52.23 555.00 266974.4 *new
4 Tacoburrito 1000.00 554.93 254445.5 *new
7 Fattypig 2000.00 553.87 *new
8 Thhand 59.46 553.33 266144.8
8 Duhadung 103.15 552.63
9 Shikyoh 0.00 550.94 179660.6
8 Wervenom 5.00 550.13
9 Gränddragon 0.00 550.00 204216.7 *new

So if anyone not marked with a green note actually wants to raid, now is the time to step up, or else a decision none of us want may be made this week... because we will not be able to down heroic bosses if we have 10 550-560 ilvl people who want to be carried through heroic, which is where we seem to be at right now.

PS: also please get mumble...
vorpal / Sep 08, 2014
Gala's vent is out of action, so we should use our 'normal' clear tonight to test out this new mumble server. I'm trying it out for a month.

It is very easy to set up and quite similar to vent. The positives include integration with the webpage, overlay in game and also better latency and clarity. we will have a higher ping time to the server though but i figure this isn't a big deal since we play the game on US servers anyway.

I've spoken to a few people and I think we should allow our essential remaining core members to raid with an alt on mondays if they really want to. Alts will be able to use their coins, but for loot will get a low priority so that any main characters in raid get priority over them.

Therefore i propose a 1-50 vote for ALT's. Main character's OS will get a higher priority. Chances are that most would get loot anyway. So for monday:

1-1 (MS - using EPGP)
1-99 (OS - no EPGP cost for normal loot, ROLL WINS!)
1-50 (ALT loot - no EPGP cost for normal loot, ROLL WINS!)

Allowing alts loot priority based on their EPGP was never a good idea to be honest and we probably helped gear up a few alts at the expense of mains in the past.

When we get stuck downing bosses we will need people to switch back to mains. Also, It may be handy to get a new persons Alt saved on paragons for future raid extensions. After considering who left, I'd like to use my Alt if possible.
vorpal / Sep 01, 2014
Obviously there has been a guild split and a few things have been up in the air about what we do next after 5 more members left after Thursdays raid. Forget their motivation for raiding and suddenly leaving at the end of the raid without any warning, whats done is done. The officers have all decided that we continue on with new members and rebuild for WoD.

I notice old members returning almost at a daily rate now and all of you will be encouraged to become part of the raiding group since we have several positions open now. This is the best chance for you all to prepare for WoD.

The details are still be resolved but our plan at the moment is to continue to raid 25m working back up through the heroic encounters gearing new members along the way with the goal of being prepared for Patch 6.0.

With WoD 10 weeks away now and the pre-expansion patches traditionally being released anywhere between 1-2 months before, we could see patch hit anywhere from 2-6 weeks from now. Have a look at the link below for current notes - the stat squeeze and other changes are massive but overall Blizzard have said that we would have an Advantage which should help progression in our case. This was the case at the end of DS as well:

So regardless of any other changes, the goal for us is for WoD now and to use the next patch both for progression and to familiarise ourselves with the changes enough to allow a smooth transition into WoD raiding. If we can progress to 14/14H this is a bonus.

I also noticed on wow progress that a lot of guilds are either reforming or others splitting. Its the crazy season where loyalties and peoples integrity is put to the test. Lets look at it as a fresh start...cya's all for raids like normal so we can help our new members gear up and prepare.

regards, Vorp
vorpal / Aug 28, 2014
Considering the drama of the last few days, you guys really deserve an update and summary of what has been discussed and decided between people. I must admit, there was a low point there where I thought we wouldn't pull through and it felt like a witch-hunt against me and that possibly this was all my fault. I completely accept that I am responsible for part of what 'went wrong' to begin with by becoming too complacent and not trusting a few officers on rare occasions. By having complete trust in people in the past I've been blindsided by people being disloyal and the guild has suffered so when I get a sense that there may be a repeat, I have been trying to protect us. In reality trying to anticipate peoples moves translates into mistrust or paranoia at times. That's about as honest as I can be about my role in this.

Before the raid and during the day, I saw remaining officers and other members working extremely hard ensure that we could continue to raid. I was blown away by the commitment shown and the loyalty to the team (not just me) and our future prospects. It really sparked people into action to save our guild from potential disaster.

Come raid time we ended up with too many people thanks to the hard work and effort people put in to recruiting and asking friends to join in. Yes, not everyone was heroic ready but it truly felt like a solid new team as we cruised through the first 4 bosses. This was much better than anyone had expected. The success was down to all of you guys. I was completely mentally exhausted by the time the raid came and you all pulled us through.

Yes we are weakened by losing great players and yes we will be carrying a few people while they gear up. I'm hoping for patience, persistance and understanding while we recover from this and to help new members the best we can to fill the roles we need. On mondays we will always do garrosh from now and any other normal bosses that people want to do just to lighten the load and get us working as a new team as well as at least putting normal loot in slots that may have flexi items.

It may feel like a step back for some, but whenever we push for a more hardcore approach to raiding, bad things seem to happen. Lets run things in a way that corresponds with where we have had the most success - which is to have a friendly raiding environment, realising that this is a game and that semi-casual suits most of us better. Progress has come by default when raiders are happy and this was the secret to getting to 10/14H, not by pushing for a hardcore raiding guild style.

For a cheesy analogy, it feels like a fire swept through the guild and maybe some of you feel the same, but I feel like we are renewed by the new growth and am optimistic about the future and motivated to get us back on track in preparation for Warlords of Dreanor.

Officers please have a think about who want want promoted. I've already got several people in mind who have all shown loyalty and helped us greatly in the last few days. Will discuss more tonight.

Massive respect from me, regards Vorp :)

vorpal / Aug 26, 2014
3 officers asked to be demoted tonight. There was no animosity and we are still discussing things because I'm not clear exactly why. I intend for raids to continue as normal but in the mean time I may have to lead them. Most of you should be used to me leading over a 3 month period going from 3/14H to 9-10/14H in that time. Congrats to everyone who has been involved, I hope that we can continue to down bosses and return to progress again ASAP.

We have 10 weeks to go to down 14/14H, but as I've posted recently we need to recruit to make this happen. Alternatively, we can relax a bit and keep going semi-casual as we have been. I would rather than we progressed to 14/14h if possible by putting differences aside, staying patient with each other and avoiding distractions.

If anyone feels like they have what it takes to become an officer or raid leader, let us know about it. We will expect 100% attendance, regular input and contributions and to read this forum from our officers.

The last bit of news is that as suggested, we will consider extending raids for progress depending on who is available. I propose that we look at this option from October onwards to give us 4 weeks to gear up replacements. The timeframe is flexible so any input is welcome.

Finally, I think recent issues are a result of poor communication primarily from myself to not discuss things with people enough to realise that there may be issues. Also for making a few assumptions rather than checking facts...So apologies to those involved. I also think though that people talk amongst themselves and come to conclusions that may be incorrect as well, so hope you will consider speaking to me directly in future if something I've said/typed is a problem for you.

comments are welcome.

Regards, vorp

vorpal / Aug 15, 2014
IMPORTANT: REPLY BY 20/08/14 raid or you will be demoted to Lazy Panda

We have exactly 3 months until the next expansion and I really believe that if we focus ourselves, this is enough time to progress to 14/14H as a guild. At the start of the week, there was misinformation regarding when the expansion will hit circulating through the internet and I think it may have influenced our raiding performance this week as if there was no real point in trying. I get the impression from some raiders that they don't care either way and to be blunt, we need you to step aside for those who do care.

What we need is for raiders to decide If they really want to pursue this progress or not. It means being on time consistently and attending reliably. Knowing that inconsistent line-ups reduce our capacity to perform reliably you have to decide if you want in or out. This raiding team needs to become less casual and be prepared for some criticism to enable further progress. It also means that personally you will need to accept responsibility for maximising your toon and researching in more detail how to improve. I still see many players missing enchants, not doing any research and not preparing for progress fights.

Those who can let us know that they cannot give what we need are helping us progress. You won't be replaced unless we can recruit a replacement but it allows us to more actively advertise for people who can help more. Replacements will have to perform as well if not better to get your position and have perfect attendance.

So, reply if you are 100% in or cannot give 100%. We need to know ASAP. The sad fact though is that most of the people who are not committed will not read this post and may be replaced at some point without knowing why.

Our current casual approach will not allow us to get to 14/14H

Respond below or privately in game.