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Guild revival - Who is interested? June 2016

vorpal / Jun 18, 2015
Hey all! long time no see.

I've noticed that Blizzard has lost almost 3 million subscribers since the release of WoD and i think that it is partly due to the fact that the alternative for many of us from raiding has been 'Garrisoncraft'. Addictive as it may be, its also a little bit boring being able to do everything alone with your own garrison.

I think the game potentially has a lot to offer for social guilds but the problem is the apparent need for all guilds to progress and have a strict raiding schedule. Not only has the game become a bit of a 'cookie cutter' experience in terms of raiding (while still challenging!), but the casual activities have become irrelevant.

I've decided to therefore attempt to rebuild the guild, with a new guild name as a casual guild for mature & senior players and those with families who wish to experience more of the game without the performance and attendance pressure of other raiding guilds.

The idea was to just work 1 night a week on NORMAL raiding and keep contact with the raiding content without obsessing over it - the focus will be on having fun and time out from our busy real lives. I'd also like to try out some other parts of the game that many have neglected, so was hoping for an organised PVP night and then another casual night for old raids, achievements and raid mount achievements etc.

I do enjoy the social aspects of running with friends but i've found myself becoming the 'oldest' player quite frequently with almost nothing in common with younger people. I'd like to find a way of appealing to a 30+ crowd with families and older people as well so that we can have something in common.

There's no rush, but so you know, i'll be renaming the guild. I've already reworked guild ranks to suit and will be making a new webpage etc (will post details when this is done). I've spoken to a few old members from is a panda who seem interested, but this is essentially a completely new guild and will be run differently as well to suit a casual guild environment. Feel free to post some ideas for guild names. heres a few ideas:

Grumpy Geriatric club
Grumpy old men
Get off my lawn
Geriatric hit squad
Geriatric discotec
Geriatric ward
Grumpy old farts
Belt onions (Grampa Simpson reference)

Lastly, I plan to make this guild something that isnt dependant on WoW. We may well end up trying other games as a group depending on what comes out. People will therefore come and go and be welcome to do so. For example I'm pretty keen on trying Star wars Battlefront when its out.


At work at the moment, can't reply much.

I don't play WoW currently, but I was going to come back in 6.2 casually. I'm definitely interested, sounds great. I don't mind helping as well! :D

WoW be ded yo lol

No replies :(

Sad stuffs.
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