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Guild is casual for now. 28-01-15

vorpal / Jan 28, 2015
Hey Everyone,

Just thought id put this in the official news. We started off the expansion with some enthusiasm but have continuously lost members since and ended up at a point where we could not field a team. While most of the time our raids were lighthearted and fun, I felt that there was a divide between players due to an incompatibility of personalities which became more obvious while progressing. The mood could quickly turn from casual banter to petty bickering which is not what we wanted for the guild.

This was partly due to poor communication during recruitment where people were getting players into the team who were expecting hardcore raiding from a casual guild. There was division right from the start between two groups of players. If we ever resurrect the guild down the track, screening during recruitment will be much tighter and be looking for personality ahead of performance. We won't just be getting peoples friends without screening them etc.

Most of this wasn't down to any specific drama or problems other than a lack of motivation on my part and that of the leadership group to continue to rebuild only to replace players from a community consisting primarily of elitists or Gen-Y narcissists, similar to those we saw split off to form MRI back in SoO.

My own personal dislike for these people mentioned above and being resigned to the fact that the WoW community is full of trolls, spoilt brats, passive agressive underhanded, dishonest and disloyal liars; and my inability to lead under these conditions have probably led to this outcome. I have not wanted to lead Raids or be involved in most decisions. I've basically sat back and stayed out of conflict deliberately and put my faith completely in the leadership team to find a solution, which it was not able to do. I didn't want there to be any drama from me being there and i don't think there was.

Raids will not continue for now. I encourage everyone to find a new home unless they are happy to hang around and do nothing but achievements or casual events. For myself, I am keen to keep raiding under someone else's leadership in a well established team and be challenged by the raid content rather than the politics of being GM. Basically I just want to raid and otherwise avoid the stresses of leading.

Two guilds i have found in our time are:

1. Band of raiders 7/7H (need 8 for mythic team)
2. Ravenwood 2/7M (need 2-3 more 660+ for progress)

I highly recommend that if you value your own sanity, you avoid joining MRI while Alexi leads it. Take it or leave it, that's the best advice you will get!

Good luck everyone, see you again one day!



It was funny last night trialling after clearing 7/7H and 2/7M in about 2.5 hours while Alexi and co were wiping on ko'ragh I noticed my name in trade. I couldn't see what it was all about because I have Alexi on ignore, but I was worried for a few seconds that Alexi may be trying to negatively impact my Trial with Ravenwood. I spoke to the Guild master and he said that he pays no attention to this kind of pettiness which I think is the mature way to approach Trolls like Alexi. It obviously didn't have any impact because they ginvited me shortly afterwards. I was told that Alexi pasted some of my news article (above) to trade:

1. Its irrelevant and nobody in trade cares or understands the context (ie dumb quote!)
2. The 'drama' is from 2014...get over it!!! (try focus on leading your own guild now which you claimed from Shinra after white-anting mine)

One difference i've picked up and learn't already with ravenwood is that they have ONE leader (not several pretending to RL or overruling the RL) and everyone else shuts the fuck up. They also have the guild leadership on a skype call to discuss things without using vent while they raid. Therefore if there is disagreement it isn't made public. Their loot is roll based and goes to "core" first which is harder to get into than a normal raider rank.

There is no drama and although they are more serious than a casual guild, the mood is pretty good without any QQ or whinging from raiders. I'm sure there's a lot more to learn from there but essentially by getting everyone to just SHUT THE FUCK UP on voice, they take out the drama of annoying people pissing other people off. It was a long term problem we had right from the old SoO team but more-so in the recent WoD team.

So anyway Ravenwood look good from what I can tell if you want to take progression more seriously without the stress. If anyone wants to trial with them speak to blmorph for a reference since he has been there for a while now. Alternatively I noticed that touche and dall have joined TRIBO who are also excellent and are 3/7M I think.

The best and most efficient HC progression guild I've been in never used any form of voice coms and they've been the most progressed guild I've ever been in, we found by doing that it puts pressure on individuals to understand the fight and work in the game as a team rather than irl (voice) as a team, they also don't have a chance to spam voice coms with irrelevant crap.

Not saying voice coms is bad/not needed, most guilds will use them, but the less is said, the more efficient a group will be usually.

We wiped on Brackenspore all night last night on Mythic. Voice comms were hardly used after the raid leader had to go do other things. Everyone seemed to know their role and was generally very good at avoiding dieing to mechanics without having to be told what to do. I think it illustrated clearly why we struggled in heroic for a while in our guild.

The problem without the voice comms was that even though I'm not leading and even though I am underperforming personally, I can still see some very similar problems even in a good guild when stumbling on progression, Most wipes were at exactly the same point and it seemed to be getting missed. Without their raid leader to correct it on the fly, we seemed to repeat the same mistake about 10 times before fixing it.

My own abilities and healing numbers are too low, even with 10ilvl less than the core healers for a mythic progression team. I think in our case, as a guild that only a few were willing and able to meet this criteria. Still it was fun while it lasted in is a panda - if we return maybe we can set our goals a bit lower to that of a casual heroic guild. For now i'll stick with Ravenswood as long as they put up with me but i know i need to improve.
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