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Welcome 2015!! - Guild News

vorpal / Jan 05, 2015
Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a great Xmas and new years and didn't blow as much money as we did (apparently).

we had our usual slow start to raiding in this expansion with many excellent guilds on Barthilas progressing faster than we have been. It hasn't been a massive concern of mine though as we usually stick with it and push on while other players and guilds burnout. I think it is important that we keep our raiding atmosphere friendly while understanding that we want to progress as well.

A few senior members have had a go at raid leading and we have settled on Taktak to raid lead us which some great recent success. Over Xmas we continued to raid with a smaller raid size and have got to 4/7H which we all feel that we can quickly build on.

With bruiser, touche, blmorph, veteris, hydra, wind and beastly hopefully returning soon, our raid size should be up above 20 again and although we feel that the smaller size worked well, we should recruit a couple more good DPS to ensure we have enough players when we get to mythic.

I'll also say that we had to make some tough choices but stick by those decisions. Its never intended to be personal, but we have certain basic requirements for progression. Nobody will be asked leave the guild unless they cause problems or are actively trolling/ abusing our raiders. when it comes to performance I hope that anyone who is sat out can adapt, change rolls or improve as required. We will continue running normal on Wednesdays as a means for people to gear up to the heroic requirements and also as a means of proving performance and mechanic understanding. Basically the door isn't closed to anyone - just put the effort in on wednesdays and work your way into our heroic team.

Looking forward to more progress and a positive direction for the guild.

Regards, Vorp


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