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Moving to Barthilas...

vorpal / Nov 12, 2014
I know its sudden guys but after speaking to a few people and seing the mass-exodus of horde from Frostmourne, it seems like the only option to use this free transfer and move to Barthilas.

Apologies in advance to anyone who disagrees, I've had to make a quick decision and there have been no response to my comments earlier today.

Not everyone will move, but I encourage everyone to consider the state of Horde on frostmourne after tomorrow:

1. 2-3 hour queue times
2. declining Horde population (will be 5/1 soon enough)
3. ganked while levelling
4. paid transfers after tomorrow
5. The top 4 horde guilds have already transferred.

What I am hoping is that people move at LEAST one toon they want to raid with. You don't have to bring everyone because as someone pointed out, world PVP on barthilas will be pretty average considering the 90%+ Horde population.

I'm sorry guys, I like frostmourne as well but its for the good of the guild. I hope you can all see the sense in my logic and accept the instructions ingame to transfer with us. Hope to see you all there!




Hey, it's free... and it will go in Horde's favor so why not aye! :P
Yolo no more prey for ally FM but we can still rape em in Ashran woot
yeah and moving to a BIGGER population was our only move here considering it is hard enough finding decent players who raid late.

One other thing about FM, many of the good horde players mains are to get away from that BS, I think Barth is a good move.

Theres many reasons, I just hope its enough to appease those who were not consulted. I really am sorry to anyone who feels burnt by this...but, yeah its free so lets stick together :)

NEED TO TRANSFER BEFORE 7pm AEST TOMORROW!!!!!! (or its not free anymore)
Bigger horde population, but 40% of the total population should mean we see no queue times. remember MoP's release? well...I didn't enjoy that!
hydra goes where panda goes <3
Hail Hydra!
how do i find you guys again after i transfer?
Done! just waiting for them to be approved!
ill move to barthilas too. my shammie is already in barth
nice guys, cyas on there tomorrow :)

if anyone you all know hasn't moved yet please get onto them and ensure they know the free xfer ends at 7PM AEST tomorrow (WoD launch time).

Looks like we have most of our people coming but missing a few. key people who I think don't know whats going on.