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Mythic Garrosh Downed! 3/11/14

vorpal / Nov 04, 2014
Great effort by all!!!. killed on the 5th attempt last night with the 4th best execution rank recorded on warcraft logs (1 death) on the server which is bloody excellent considering our fight went for 2.5 minutes longer than the top guilds:

Feel free to upload screenshots and i'll change this if we find a better one :)

PS: redoing this on Wednesday (we also have the option of simply extending keldovan's 13/14 lockout if we want)


Awesome shiz boys
yes it was good as well to re-down him this week after our 12/14M clear on wednesday.

As mentioned on mumble, we managed to get 26 guild members their achievement before WoD release which is awesome. I think we now have almost enough depth to ensure things go well in WoD.

As for me, I feel like I need a rest - maybe levelling up will be enough~!
hail hydra <3 xx

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