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Guild Status 23/10/14

vorpal / Oct 23, 2014
We have successfully turned things around in the last two weeks, going from a position where out only option was 10m to looking more optimistically towards WoD as a mythic guild. The main factor for us has been patch 6.02 which has made SoO substantially easier to clear and allowed us to gear up people with no mythic gear quickly.

People come and go and things change but the guild continues to rebuild thanks to a few loyal officers who have stuck with it through normal 25m to help others prepare for the patch. I hope you guys realise that it was all worth it now!

After clearing 10 bosses last night in 2.5 hours we seem to have clawed ourselves back to a position where a Mythic Garrosh kill is possible. Our average ilvl for the 20 man team was 575 last week and has increased almost back up to 580 within a week. Based on gear, this gives us a good chance for a garrosh kill within the next 2 weeks.

Many have doubted us including some who remain inactive in the guild. You guys should have listened!. We could really have used more participation from those 580ilvl+ members who have used the guild to gear up in the past. The fact is that some people who sat out and refused to help the team have been given a casual rank which will carry through to WoD and negatively impact your chance of gaining a raiding position. In our final push before WoD, the players who have stuck with it and kept up attendance will be invited to the raid first.

With 2 raiding weeks left, it is our chance to finalise our push as a guild and clear Mythic SoO as a team. It isn't about gear, its about rebuilding and giving us some sense of accomplishment as well as practicing new rotations and getting used to the changes for WoD. I'm glad a lot of people see the worth in this process!.

The last update is that I'm setting up an alts run on Saturday night which will head into Heroic SoO and try to build a 13/14 lockout. From here we have the option of extending the lockout in the next 2 weeks and sell Garrosh runs and to get Heirlooms on alts and as a means of making a bit more guild cash for repairs. I honestly don't think it will be a problem in WoD though with Garrisons and other methods of earning money making things easier. Anyone interested feel free to signup on the ingame calendar.

Well done on progress, GL and see you tonight for more!

Regards, Vorp



Honest question: how is tle doing atm?
no idea other than he wants to raid earlier. does it matter?

seem to be doing well without almost a full team of people who thought the guild wouldn't survive without them lol
13/14 and 15% on garrosh Phase 4 last night.

Looking very good for a garrosh kill :)...2 weeks lockouts left!

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