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SoO Mythic 20man

vorpal / Sep 30, 2014
Hey all, with the WoD pre-patch coming any time from now till the 14th of October, we should prepare for the chance of experiencing the 20 man mythic raiding format.

I am hopeful that the people currently still in the guild are going to stick around and will signup for our attempts?

Most comments from Beta are that the fights will be easier than currently but that this also requires everyone to have a decent understanding of their class changes. This may mean regemming or changing some gear around to suit new stat priorities but also knowledge of optimal new rotations.

In the mean time I am enthusiastic about involving new members to form a team which can resume in the 25m format. If we can get at least 20 signups for those who want to help our other members prepare, this will pay off when the pre-patch arrives in 20m.

I am hopeful that people will not mind missing out on some heroic loot while we prepare a 20man team. Once the patch Hits, we should have a full month to raid the 20man format and I expect bosses will do down fairly easily and therefore allow everyone to get geared quickly. (fingers crossed on changes to thok!) To be honest though, loot at this point is almost irrelevant for most of us.

Please put your names down here:

Regards, Vorp


Mythic starts next wed...please get your characters sorted for then.
guess everything i assumed in this news article turned out to be correct. Grats all on 14/14M and up yours to all of the doubters and people who left thinking our guild was dead.

All we did is prove than none of you guys who left/sat out are essential or irreplaceable. You missed out because of the poor decision to leave (so the guild is weakend, you put yourself first and stop coming? thats not playing as a team) and lack of faith in myself as GM & raid leader and lack of faith in the abilities of remaining players. I said the patch would make things easier and we had a chance for 14/14M...which was true and a gamble that paid off to continue raiding. People taking bets with people in MRI that we couldn't do it or people declaring that there was no way we would get heroic garrosh (even officers), really didn't help. I hope you guys remember in future that in the end, a group of people who didn't/don't respect me as GM were proven to be completely wrong. I even told the people in MRI or others that left after the split that the patch would make raiding much easier and that they could still get their 2 mounts per kill + achievement, but they knew usual...

The funny thing is that several people who would not have got a chance with our old team (because of elitism/snobbery etc) got their chance and with gear are as good if not better than many who went to MRI. Our execution rankings are much higher than they ever were - so in general i'd say our current team has much better raid awareness. Full credit to all of the new players for working on their game to make this happen.

I'm still a bit bitter about the split...but more pleased that we have a fresh team that is enthusiastic and has the ability to progress in WoD. Yes, we could have been stronger if the split had not happened and im sure we would have cleared 14/14M in the first week after latch, but the gap has closed significantly.

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