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vorpal / Jul 19, 2015
Hey All,

I'm renaming the guild to grumpy old bastards and this webpage will be moved and cleaned out properly soon. It will move to a new address visible in-game in the guild info

I'll be recruiting casual gamers who just want to play for fun but who also want to check out some normal raid content 1-2 nights a week. What we are looking for is older gamers who are sick of the competitiveness or who have moved on in life but want to keep in touch with WoW.

When I started playing this game I had no kids, now I've got 5. Things have changed a lot for me and for many other players. With many guilds disappearing recently, I figure a change in pace may appeal to some without the same push for progression and also without the stress of commitment to a progression group. This will be casual, open to all and most likely limited to normal raiding depending on the standard of people who join.

I'd like to form a PVP group one night a week since I've not done any since WOTLK and have been missing out. I know that I'm not the only one who has focused on raiding recently only and is looking for something else to try out. We may also go back and do guild achievement's and meta's for mounts possibly once a fortnight.

Its basically a new guild and a fresh start and will require a lot of new members to get things started.

Regards, Vorp

vorpal / Jun 18, 2015
Hey all! long time no see.

I've noticed that Blizzard has lost almost 3 million subscribers since the release of WoD and i think that it is partly due to the fact that the alternative for many of us from raiding has been 'Garrisoncraft'. Addictive as it may be, its also a little bit boring being able to do everything alone with your own garrison.

I think the game potentially has a lot to offer for social guilds but the problem is the apparent need for all guilds to progress and have a strict raiding schedule. Not only has the game become a bit of a 'cookie cutter' experience in terms of raiding (while still challenging!), but the casual activities have become irrelevant.

I've decided to therefore attempt to rebuild the guild, with a new guild name as a casual guild for mature & senior players and those with families who wish to experience more of the game without the performance and attendance pressure of other raiding guilds.

The idea was to just work 1 night a week on NORMAL raiding and keep contact with the raiding content without obsessing over it - the focus will be on having fun and time out from our busy real lives. I'd also like to try out some other parts of the game that many have neglected, so was hoping for an organised PVP night and then another casual night for old raids, achievements and raid mount achievements etc.

I do enjoy the social aspects of running with friends but i've found myself becoming the 'oldest' player quite frequently with almost nothing in common with younger people. I'd like to find a way of appealing to a 30+ crowd with families and older people as well so that we can have something in common.

There's no rush, but so you know, i'll be renaming the guild. I've already reworked guild ranks to suit and will be making a new webpage etc (will post details when this is done). I've spoken to a few old members from is a panda who seem interested, but this is essentially a completely new guild and will be run differently as well to suit a casual guild environment. Feel free to post some ideas for guild names. heres a few ideas:

Grumpy Geriatric club
Grumpy old men
Get off my lawn
Geriatric hit squad
Geriatric discotec
Geriatric ward
Grumpy old farts
Belt onions (Grampa Simpson reference)

Lastly, I plan to make this guild something that isnt dependant on WoW. We may well end up trying other games as a group depending on what comes out. People will therefore come and go and be welcome to do so. For example I'm pretty keen on trying Star wars Battlefront when its out.
vorpal / Jan 28, 2015
Hey Everyone,

Just thought id put this in the official news. We started off the expansion with some enthusiasm but have continuously lost members since and ended up at a point where we could not field a team. While most of the time our raids were lighthearted and fun, I felt that there was a divide between players due to an incompatibility of personalities which became more obvious while progressing. The mood could quickly turn from casual banter to petty bickering which is not what we wanted for the guild.

This was partly due to poor communication during recruitment where people were getting players into the team who were expecting hardcore raiding from a casual guild. There was division right from the start between two groups of players. If we ever resurrect the guild down the track, screening during recruitment will be much tighter and be looking for personality ahead of performance. We won't just be getting peoples friends without screening them etc.

Most of this wasn't down to any specific drama or problems other than a lack of motivation on my part and that of the leadership group to continue to rebuild only to replace players from a community consisting primarily of elitists or Gen-Y narcissists, similar to those we saw split off to form MRI back in SoO.

My own personal dislike for these people mentioned above and being resigned to the fact that the WoW community is full of trolls, spoilt brats, passive agressive underhanded, dishonest and disloyal liars; and my inability to lead under these conditions have probably led to this outcome. I have not wanted to lead Raids or be involved in most decisions. I've basically sat back and stayed out of conflict deliberately and put my faith completely in the leadership team to find a solution, which it was not able to do. I didn't want there to be any drama from me being there and i don't think there was.

Raids will not continue for now. I encourage everyone to find a new home unless they are happy to hang around and do nothing but achievements or casual events. For myself, I am keen to keep raiding under someone else's leadership in a well established team and be challenged by the raid content rather than the politics of being GM. Basically I just want to raid and otherwise avoid the stresses of leading.

Two guilds i have found in our time are:

1. Band of raiders 7/7H (need 8 for mythic team)
2. Ravenwood 2/7M (need 2-3 more 660+ for progress)

I highly recommend that if you value your own sanity, you avoid joining MRI while Alexi leads it. Take it or leave it, that's the best advice you will get!

Good luck everyone, see you again one day!

vorpal / Jan 05, 2015
Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a great Xmas and new years and didn't blow as much money as we did (apparently).

we had our usual slow start to raiding in this expansion with many excellent guilds on Barthilas progressing faster than we have been. It hasn't been a massive concern of mine though as we usually stick with it and push on while other players and guilds burnout. I think it is important that we keep our raiding atmosphere friendly while understanding that we want to progress as well.

A few senior members have had a go at raid leading and we have settled on Taktak to raid lead us which some great recent success. Over Xmas we continued to raid with a smaller raid size and have got to 4/7H which we all feel that we can quickly build on.

With bruiser, touche, blmorph, veteris, hydra, wind and beastly hopefully returning soon, our raid size should be up above 20 again and although we feel that the smaller size worked well, we should recruit a couple more good DPS to ensure we have enough players when we get to mythic.

I'll also say that we had to make some tough choices but stick by those decisions. Its never intended to be personal, but we have certain basic requirements for progression. Nobody will be asked leave the guild unless they cause problems or are actively trolling/ abusing our raiders. when it comes to performance I hope that anyone who is sat out can adapt, change rolls or improve as required. We will continue running normal on Wednesdays as a means for people to gear up to the heroic requirements and also as a means of proving performance and mechanic understanding. Basically the door isn't closed to anyone - just put the effort in on wednesdays and work your way into our heroic team.

Looking forward to more progress and a positive direction for the guild.

Regards, Vorp
vorpal / Nov 12, 2014
I know its sudden guys but after speaking to a few people and seing the mass-exodus of horde from Frostmourne, it seems like the only option to use this free transfer and move to Barthilas.

Apologies in advance to anyone who disagrees, I've had to make a quick decision and there have been no response to my comments earlier today.

Not everyone will move, but I encourage everyone to consider the state of Horde on frostmourne after tomorrow:

1. 2-3 hour queue times
2. declining Horde population (will be 5/1 soon enough)
3. ganked while levelling
4. paid transfers after tomorrow
5. The top 4 horde guilds have already transferred.

What I am hoping is that people move at LEAST one toon they want to raid with. You don't have to bring everyone because as someone pointed out, world PVP on barthilas will be pretty average considering the 90%+ Horde population.

I'm sorry guys, I like frostmourne as well but its for the good of the guild. I hope you can all see the sense in my logic and accept the instructions ingame to transfer with us. Hope to see you all there!


vorpal / Nov 04, 2014
Great effort by all!!!. killed on the 5th attempt last night with the 4th best execution rank recorded on warcraft logs (1 death) on the server which is bloody excellent considering our fight went for 2.5 minutes longer than the top guilds:

Feel free to upload screenshots and i'll change this if we find a better one :)

PS: redoing this on Wednesday (we also have the option of simply extending keldovan's 13/14 lockout if we want)
vorpal / Oct 23, 2014
We have successfully turned things around in the last two weeks, going from a position where out only option was 10m to looking more optimistically towards WoD as a mythic guild. The main factor for us has been patch 6.02 which has made SoO substantially easier to clear and allowed us to gear up people with no mythic gear quickly.

People come and go and things change but the guild continues to rebuild thanks to a few loyal officers who have stuck with it through normal 25m to help others prepare for the patch. I hope you guys realise that it was all worth it now!

After clearing 10 bosses last night in 2.5 hours we seem to have clawed ourselves back to a position where a Mythic Garrosh kill is possible. Our average ilvl for the 20 man team was 575 last week and has increased almost back up to 580 within a week. Based on gear, this gives us a good chance for a garrosh kill within the next 2 weeks.

Many have doubted us including some who remain inactive in the guild. You guys should have listened!. We could really have used more participation from those 580ilvl+ members who have used the guild to gear up in the past. The fact is that some people who sat out and refused to help the team have been given a casual rank which will carry through to WoD and negatively impact your chance of gaining a raiding position. In our final push before WoD, the players who have stuck with it and kept up attendance will be invited to the raid first.

With 2 raiding weeks left, it is our chance to finalise our push as a guild and clear Mythic SoO as a team. It isn't about gear, its about rebuilding and giving us some sense of accomplishment as well as practicing new rotations and getting used to the changes for WoD. I'm glad a lot of people see the worth in this process!.

The last update is that I'm setting up an alts run on Saturday night which will head into Heroic SoO and try to build a 13/14 lockout. From here we have the option of extending the lockout in the next 2 weeks and sell Garrosh runs and to get Heirlooms on alts and as a means of making a bit more guild cash for repairs. I honestly don't think it will be a problem in WoD though with Garrisons and other methods of earning money making things easier. Anyone interested feel free to signup on the ingame calendar.

Well done on progress, GL and see you tonight for more!

Regards, Vorp

vorpal / Sep 30, 2014
Hey all, with the WoD pre-patch coming any time from now till the 14th of October, we should prepare for the chance of experiencing the 20 man mythic raiding format.

I am hopeful that the people currently still in the guild are going to stick around and will signup for our attempts?

Most comments from Beta are that the fights will be easier than currently but that this also requires everyone to have a decent understanding of their class changes. This may mean regemming or changing some gear around to suit new stat priorities but also knowledge of optimal new rotations.

In the mean time I am enthusiastic about involving new members to form a team which can resume in the 25m format. If we can get at least 20 signups for those who want to help our other members prepare, this will pay off when the pre-patch arrives in 20m.

I am hopeful that people will not mind missing out on some heroic loot while we prepare a 20man team. Once the patch Hits, we should have a full month to raid the 20man format and I expect bosses will do down fairly easily and therefore allow everyone to get geared quickly. (fingers crossed on changes to thok!) To be honest though, loot at this point is almost irrelevant for most of us.

Please put your names down here:

Regards, Vorp