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Discussion about PvP strategies and tactics
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Discussion about Raiding strategies and tactics
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Screw Ogrimmar and its name that i have to check the spelling of every time i wright it. Lets raid that bitch of a city and rename it "Is A Pandaville".In the coming week we will be looking to begin raiding SoO. Its going to be important that ever...
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For Healingap - An Advancement Program (This is to help druid fellow mates)

Hi All,First off, this is not a criticising or boosting session. What i am about to do, is to help healingap, a fellow mate and guild mate to boost up healing. He have done quite well. But some tweak might just do magic. I'm not the best druid in ...
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10 Man Heroic Nazgrim - 16 Jan 2014

Hi All,Yesterday's attempt on Nazgrim was not too bad for a start. Below are some of the things that i observed based on healer's perspective.1) After a few tries, 3 healer was the best setup in terms of surviability and focus. we had Hyo to tunne...
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Heroic Nazgrim Guide

I have did a research on this and i found this fairly useful for our Heroic Progression. below is the linkHeroic NazgrimOn top of the guide, i would recommend the following after reading the guide above and Icy Veins.1) we might need to do a macro...
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10 Man Heroic Immerseus - 8 Jan 2014

Hi All,Yesterday 10M heroic was awesome. Although it is unfortunate that we didn’t manage to down the boss, but we sure learn alot about this boss. The greatest achievement we had was to pass phase 1 which is by far the hardest phase with the high...
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Challenge Gold Mode

Hi All,Mystiq , Vexx and me was trying to pull off challenge mode but was knocked off pretty bad. So i did some research. Below is a link that i found online which may serve as a guideline on the approach on how we should tackle the boss and the i...
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Raid macro's

I've realised after last week that there is a communication barrier and that we would be better suited combining macro's with instructions for boss encounters. I'm starting this thread so that we can devise a set of clear instructions for each bos...
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Challenge Modes

After the epic fail when we attempted CM during the first few weeks into mists launch, all of us have been too scared to try it again. Now with our steady progression in raid, we should tackle CM again and get those drooling CM gears.Let me know i...
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wind lord Mel'jarak

I know you guys have the strat down for this, but anyway: couple of things i wanted to mention or ask:1. Unbound will (lock), life grip (priests), and divine protection (pally) can...
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