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Hi guys, just wanna start this wall of text off with a very big thank you for allowing me to join you guys in this journey. It has been fun raiding with you guys as well as going through the hardships post-split. However nothing lasts forever and I think i'll stop raiding FOR NOW.

My reason is very simple, I'm getting bored of raiding especially this shithole, namely Highmaul. The fights are boring which I believe a ton of you would agree with. I have not decided what I'm going to do after quitting raids but i'm looking towards going PvP full time. PvE content has been very dull aside from CMs which I really enjoy. I might quit WoW too as it's just taking too much of my time IRL atm. Maybe I'll come back to WoW when end tier comes out just like how i did for MoP. The future is still a blank slate for me waiting to be filled atm.

Also another reason might be the conflict between me and some people but yeah most of it is just the reluctance to keep raiding in Highmaul now. Maybe i'll try Mythic some day but yeah.

With that I'll say that I wish you guys all the best. In all honesty, you guys will be able to do well in mythic, it's a good team you guys have. I'm just quitting raids because I'm tired of all the shit that's happening. Do not worry I'm not pulling off a Shinra and forming my own guild whatsoever.

Finally, I would like to end this off by saying a big Thank you to all you guys here who have made my stay in Panda enjoyable till now. Gap, Tak and Bruise you guys have been extremely entertaining and good compatriots that I like to have conversations with and I hope we can continue the way we were after all these.

PS.Some clarifications to be made :

1) Yes I did think about leaving during SoO and that was when Vorp sent me messages about my raid attitude and ambitions.

2) No I did not want to leave before the release of WoD because we had a real good team going post-nerf for SoO and i was having good vibes about it. (Twisted stories)

So well-done to whoever made some of these up.

Do not be mistaken guys, I really like this guild and its people, it's only the second guild that i've raided so closely with. Thinking about leaving behind the people was a really hard decision hence I said it's not sudden, I did take a long time to think about this.

I did want to stay and just quit raiding but i got removed today so im guessing im staying guildless for now!

PPS. Tangy#1812 if anyone is keen to add me up on btag