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#10141356 Oct 13, 2014 at 12:13 PM · Edited over 3 years ago
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Good read for anyone playing holy pally. Looks pretty simple and at L90 our changes minimal. Quite different when we hit L100 though...

What it looks like is we should stick to EF and with current spirit levels our mana regen should not be a massive problem. we really need to put out 3 Holy power EF's though because they both rebuff peoples sheilds as well as tick for longer with more charges. The recommendation is to not use SH again till L100.

Lots of spells are going so we just have 1 big CD and Holy light replaces Divine light. At L90 apparently it will be OK to keep using Holy radiance as a HP generator, but at L100 it will be very costly.

So basically for Holy pallys, the pre-patch should not be too bad especially with the buff to EF refreshing sheilds as well as mana regen being inbuilt rather than relying on CD's. Much simpler, but lets see how it goes!

No idea about other classes...hope you all do your research :P
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