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vorpal / Jul 19, 2015
Hey All,

I'm renaming the guild to grumpy old bastards and this webpage will be moved and cleaned out properly soon. It will move to a new address visible in-game in the guild info

I'll be recruiting casual gamers who just want to play for fun but who also want to check out some normal raid content 1-2 nights a week. What we are looking for is older gamers who are sick of the competitiveness or who have moved on in life but want to keep in touch with WoW.

When I started playing this game I had no kids, now I've got 5. Things have changed a lot for me and for many other players. With many guilds disappearing recently, I figure a change in pace may appeal to some without the same push for progression and also without the stress of commitment to a progression group. This will be casual, open to all and most likely limited to normal raiding depending on the standard of people who join.

I'd like to form a PVP group one night a week since I've not done any since WOTLK and have been missing out. I know that I'm not the only one who has focused on raiding recently only and is looking for something else to try out. We may also go back and do guild achievement's and meta's for mounts possibly once a fortnight.

Its basically a new guild and a fresh start and will require a lot of new members to get things started.

Regards, Vorp

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